Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode 1 Chapter XII

Free falling on the moon

Last time on Tales of the Black Hawk:

Docking near Mr. Hark we hoped to slip by him un announced.. after renting a cloud car we went to deliver the package.

Fate is a cruel mistress though, and we found ourselves in a tight spot, as Tauru Hark used his Jet pack to land on the back of our cloud car and pull me up from behind as two more could cars approached overbooked with Cartel Thugs.

As Mr. Hark was making his getaway with me, Charles shot him in the shoulder resulting in him dropping me several thousand feet above ground, solely as a reaction i reached for my lightsaber and i slashed him across the back hitting his jet pack and sending him off in a different direction, but I dropped my lightsaber in the process.

Determined to get my lightsaber back knowing full well what an important piece it is, i dived after it, i flew right past Charles and the others like shot out of a torpedo launcher, dodging cloud cars and billboards on the way down, I drew ever closer to it..

Charles and the others turned their cloud car around in hot pursuit trying to catch me mid air before the fatal meeting with the moon’s surface, but they weren’t alone, right behind Charles and the others came the two cloud cars packed with enforcers hell bent on ending Charles and the others.

And the game was on!… and it wasn’t for lack of blaster shots, or car parts flying through the air..but right before i’d have caught the lightsaber a creature snatched it and dropped it a few yards away…making it impossible for me to catch it before hitting the ground so i let the Bothan pull me in.

once there though, one of the cloud cars pulled up next to us, and Ormi jumped over, while the bothan tossed me over. As i landed i used the gamorian as a stepping stone and jumped straight up, hoping to break the fall off somewhat, and as i was hanging in the air for that split second that felt like a lifetime, I sensed the living force all around me, guiding me, and I pulled it in, in a desperate attempt to ease my descent.. and I landed perfectly with one hand on the ground and in a kneeling position… same can’t be said for Charles though.. he took the crash head on, but managed to survive somehow.. how he does it i’ll never know but that man is stubborn.. he simply refuses to die…. one of the things I like about him i guess…

but it wasn’t over.. Tauru Hark swooped in and tossed a stun grenade after me, as I was standing there frozen in shock I was counting my blessings as the grenade was about to go off and electrocute me and Charles a feint tszz.. could be heard from the grenade.. it short curcuited.. then Mr. Hark landed between me and my lightsaber, and threatened me at gun point his wasn’t set on stun can you emagine that… I’d just about had enough of him so i signalled the Bothan who was piloting the other cloud car.. to ram Hark.. he swooped in but missed, but it was enough to draw hark’s attention for a brief moment, i took the chance and bolted past him but was taken down just as i passed him… the oaf had the gall to shoot me in the back.. if i ever see him again he’ll be very sorry.. then Charles took a shot and got him down, but sadly Hark was saved by another bounty hunter by the name of Fett… he took Hark with him saying that I wasn’t his bounty to collect, and so they left, I took the oppertunity to use a few stimpacks and as i was getting back on my feet i clawed my way to my lightsaber..

if the force is with me, it’s still operational….

Next on Tales of the Black Hawk:

who hired Hark?
Is my lightsaber still working?
what’s in the crate?



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