Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode I – Chapter III

We have been expecting you!

After sending Tauru Harks Firefly – through excellent maneuvering – into a first degree encounter with an asteroid, thus forcing the Bounty Hunter to retreat, our heroes make the jump to hyperspace. To throw any opposition of course, they decide to jump to Christophsis, and make their way from there. Arriving at their destination, they quickly picked up a distress beacon from the Fereallis, requesting immediate assistance. Docking proved an easy task, but little did our companions know that the shrewd pirate Captain Gideon was sending out the false beacon to lure in unsuspecting ships and capture them. Escaping the Fereallis was an easy task, but when Captain Gideon decided to leave no witnesses and open fire, things took a turn for the worse. Heavily damaged and with the hull at a critical state, a lucky shot blew out the Fereallis’s reactor, blowing the ship to pieces. The fight was not without a price, and the navi-computer had suffered a critical hit. Limping to a nearby space station, the bounty for Gideon was cashed in and claimed, and repairs on the ship was commissioned. After 12 days in dry-dock and the Black Hawk and its crew left the space station, narrowly escaping Imperial invetigators. Little do they know that they will soon play a small – but vital part – in the future of the galaxy!



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