Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode I – Chapter IV

Like ghosts in night

Last time on The tales of the Black Hawk:

As the companions make their way to Bothawui, the Empire continues to search the galaxy for any hidden Rebel bases, and are slowly gaining the upper hand.

Arriving at Bothawui, the companions are unaware of the attention they are drawing towards themselves and the data they are carrying. The attack on their Speeder by unknown assailants quickly reminds them that is no ordinary cargo they are carrying, and that other may be interested in the contents of the datapad.

The chase was on, and heavily outnumbered – but not out-gunned – the companions manage to shake one of the chasers and damaging the other. A bit shaken, but still alive, the companions arrived at their destination, but was soon attacked as the second of the chasing cars entered the plaza.

A short, but brutal, fight later, Spymaster Bran Haerid met our companions a gladly paid the arranged sum. A job well done!

Haerid offered another far more dangerous job with an even higher pay-out, and after accepting the job – to investigate missing freighters near the Rhan Var system, our heroes left Bothawui a good deal richer than when they arrived.

Coming out of hyperspace in the Rhen Var system, the Black Hawk navigated into the asteroid field near the fifth planet. The ingenious plan of sending a false transponder beacon out the airlock to attract the attention any pirates lurking in the vicinity, payed of. Out of nowhere three fighters materialized and assaulted the transponder, but quickly realizing that no ship was in sight, they sized their attack. Before they could turn on their experimental cloaking devices, Ormi showed a textbook example of expert slicing skills and managed to hack the signal of one of the fighters, allowing the Black Hawk to track it.
The Black Hawk is now right behind one of the fighters at close range, caught in the same docking tractor beam as the fighter. In a few minutes the Black Hawk will be in visibile range of the top-secret, and well-defended, Imperial test facility.

Will the try and escape the tractor beam and break away, risking detection, or will they try something completely different?

Do they have the guts to try and infiltrate the base, or is it a job better left for others?

We will have to wait and see…



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