Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode I – Chapter V

Under Sige

Last time on The tales of the Black Hawk:

Following the Phantoms and trapped in the tractor beam of the Imperial test facility, our heroes shuts down The Black Hawk to assimilate random debris. The gamble paid of and the unsuspecting Imperials where in for a surprise.

Landing smoothly on the asteroid, the companions found a small maintenance access, and slipped quietly inside the base.

Sneaking through the ventilation shafts proved a difficult task, but Ormis slicing skills where up to the task, and after a dodging the maintenance crew (and quite a few other obstacles) the companions found themselves above the base command central. Overhearing two officers discus a upcoming surprise inspection by an Imperial Moff, our heroes quickly decide to try and blow up the base while the Moff is on the base, and deal a critical blow to the Empire.

Bursting through the ceiling before anyone could react, the companions blasted the two officers and three command staff, leaving three survivors who had no valuable info.
Ormi quickly began to slice the entire network, to try and find the missing freighter and to rig the base self-destruct. The freighter was located in an open external hanger a kilometer away from the main base, and the search turned up something of a bonus: The entire research protocol for the TIE Phantom project!

Unfortunately it also set of the alarm system, and soon Imperial Storm Troopers where flooding the Command Central, only to be mowed down by Charles Heavy Baster. Charles took a lethal blow, but thanks to quick thinking on behalf of Shota, he was able to get up and blast he last of the Storm Troopers to pieces.

A small miscalculation in the binary code of Ormis slicing attempt, terminally overloaded the cooling system of the base reactors, leaving only ten minutes to escape before the base would be destroyed. Scrambling out of the Control Room – getting only half the data on the project – the companions took a wrong turn and ended up in the hangar of the lead TIE Phantom.

Before he knew it, the persuasive powers of Shota had Charles in the pilot seat of an experimental Phantom. Shouting: “How the HELL did I get in this mess! IM NOT THE DAMN PILOT!” he scraped the new paintjob on the Phantom, and managed to navigate out of the base. The success was short-lived as the other TIE pilots joint the leaders formation, and only thru quick thinking was he able to keep the rest of the squad in the unknown.
Things took a turn for the worse when Grand Moff Ardus Kaine arrived in the Decimator together with two Imperial Stardestroyers.

Meanwhile the other two companions where struggling back to the Black Hawk. Spotting the GR-75 Freighter they decided to take a chance. Expertly slicing the systems of the Freighter, Ormi opened the landing bay, and docked – raced to the bridge and started the take-off procedure.

In the TIE things where not looking good as the systems initiated the automatic docking sequence for the Decimator, giving Charles a one-way trip to the spice mines of Kessel, unless he could deactivate the system and escape.

On the transport Shotas attempts to aid in the start-up procedure only resulted in her shutting down the engines, and leaving Ormi rather frustrated. In this stressful situation, Ormis technical instincts took over, and showing unprecedented skills he managed to get the sluggish ship of the ground before the protective shield of the hanger could close and hinder their escape.

Charles focused and tried to think like an Imperial. And with the focus of a Jedi, he disabled the autopilot and fond the one fact that could save him – TIE Phantoms are equipped with a Hyperdrive. Some unknown force must have guided him, because he plotted a course by trusting his feelings and engaged the Hyperdrive. Next stop Kashyyyk!

Feeling Charles under pressure Shota focused her mind on him and a single word: “Kashyyyk”. Trusting her instincts, she directed Ormi to plot the course for Kashyyyk.
Before the Imperials could react, both ships where gone without a trace.

…..or so it would seem.

Lingering on the fringes of the system, Charles has just picked up the GR-75s signature coming out of hyperspace.

Kashyyyk is under Imperial dominance, treating the Wookies as slaves and showing no mercy to the ancient race. Legends tell of old temples in the undergrowth of the planets surface where the Wookies keep well guarded secrets – secrets only their old allies, the fabled Jedi, had access to. And for this the Wookies suffer the full force of the Empires wrath!

Will the heroes try and slip away in silence or aid the Wookie resistance on Kashyyyk?

….and someone is begining to take personal interest in the companions. Who? That remains to be seen….



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