Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode I – Chapter VII

A new frontier

Last time on The tales of the Black Hawk:

Leaving the trackable TIE Phantom behind, the companions decided to check what cargo they were carrying and see if the risk would outweigh reward. The discovery they made ensured their choice, as the transport was loaded with Rebel winter equipment for the planet of Hoth!

Our friends where able to outwit and outfly the Empire, and the astrogation skills of Ormi, left the Empire unable to track the transport. Escape was ensured.

Coming out of hyperspace in the Hoth system, the transport was overtaken by a badly – but exceptionally fast YT-1200. They found the same ship on Echo Base being repaired by a Wookie with some impressive engineering skills.

Shota spotted a small item on one of the persons in the hangar – a lightsaber. This was the famous General Skywalker, but before Shota could get a chance to talk to him, he sat out on patrol with Captain Solo. Solo got back but Skywalker did not, and Shota offered to assist Solo in the search, but was unsuccessful in finding General Skywalker. After returning to Echo base she sought guidance in the Force, Shota reached out to Skywalker – thus forcing him awake – and probably saving him from becoming the next meal of a fierce Wampa.

Charles got volunteered to join the search the next day, and Shota stayed in the control room guiding the rescuers by tapping in to the Force. The search paid off and both Solo and Skywalker where rescued.

Skywalker had found an Imperial Probe and the Rebels prohibited all take-offs from the base, leaving the companions stranded on Hoth.

With the Empire’s attack on Echo Base eminent, The Black Hawk where assigned to escort duty on the second transport and Charles was volunteered for X-Wing duty and assigned to the first escort. Charles’s pilot skills proved more than adequate as he saved his friends from an incoming TIE fighter attack, and saving transport 3 in the process.

While Charles headed for the rebel rendezvous point, Ormi and Shota headed to Bothawui. Upon arrival near Bothawui the Black Hawk was held up by two Z-1 Headhunters and a Firespray. Their demand to Ormi was simple – Time to pay interest on you loan! Reluctantly parting with the credits, Ormi and Shota continued to the planet surface. They joined up with Charles who had taken the task of delivering a rebel official to Bothawui and leaving the borrowed ship there.

Settling their business with Spymaster Bran Haerid our companions now make ready for a new journey – a hunt for the legendary Sith treasures and unimaginable wealth.
But a question is left unanswered, what will they find at the end of their destination this time, a mere ruin or something more?



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