Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode I Chapter VIII

A Jedi is Born

Last time on Tales of the Black Hawk:

Finishing purchases on Bothawai me and my “trusted” friends set course for sith space in hopes of finding relics of the sith.

on the way there to pass the time, we decided to play Pazaak, a card game (much like poker, and yet so far from it).. we started small but eventually built up to the big stakes, and I went all in betting my Ilum crystal, which i was supposed to use to construct my lightsaber, thinking I had this game.. especially since Ormi chickened out, and Charles was also all in, sadly I lost the bet, but Charles decided to let me keep the Ilum crystal, I can only guess at his motives for doing so but I find myself grateful that I did not have to part with it.
Was it really chance? or one of the force’s ways of telling us something?

Arriving we find our selves in the outskirts of the system, preliminary scans came up negative she we decided to procede to the first planet in the system, and scanned it for structures that would suggest a ruin, after a while we found some.

landing on the surface near the structure it seemed to be pyramid like shaped structure, with an emmense pressence of the force… shortly after landing we were attacked by a couple of Tie fighters but Charles made quick work of them, i’m beginning to see him in a new light… a very capable soldier, and a loyal friend.

the Tie fighters blew a hole in the side of the structure next to the door, but I ignored that and examined the door, after realising i’d need a lightsaber I returned to the ship and meditated, after a while i successfully constructed my lightsaber, and then rushed to the door and opened it, on the other side, my two companions were shooting crazily into the darkness of the complex, I sensed a presence and moved to stand between my two companions and together we banished the presence deeper into the compound, proceding deeper inside we ran across some very unpleasent creatures both charles and Ormi fought fervently and together again we prevailed. then a couple of Ormi’s old debt collector friends showed up, bent on sealing us inside the compound, and snatching Ormi’s ship while they were at it…
and so we are rushing up the corridor towards the entrance and the explosives in the hopes that we’ll reach them in time to disable them, and stop Ormi’s enemies from stealing his ship, and killing us while they’re at it.

there is no emotion there is peace
thre is no ignorance there is knowledge
there is no passion there is serenity
there is no chaos there is harmony
there is no death there is the force

- Shota Akami



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