Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode I – Chapter II
From bad to worse

Getting the replacement circuit proved a bit more complicated than anticipated, and the elimination of a few of Teemos employees didn’t exactly smooth things along. Nor did the fact that the infamous Bounty Hunter, Tauru Hark, were in town to settle a bounty with the Hutt, and spotted a familiar Twi’lek well know to the guild – all to easy.

Escaping the bounty hunter only by shear chance – when a well-placed blaster shot this his jetpack and send him flying – the companions managed to bypass Space Port Security and escape Mos Shuuta with the replacement parts.

With Tauru Harks Firespray in close pursuit, the Black Hawk speed into space, only to have the Bounty Hunter open fire in an attempt to claim his bounty. Their faster ship, and advanced ECM-suit, should make it easy to out-run the Firespary, but noone expected the unwelcome visit from two Imperial Stardestroyers on routine patrol coming out of hyperspace close to Tatooine.

Will the companions activate the ECM thus enhancing their chances of escaping Tauru – but alerting the Imperials to their presence – or will they try and outmaneuver the Bounty Hunter with skill (and luck) alone?

“Two Imperial Stardestroyers coming out of hyperspace on our port side! We are safe as long as they don’t notice us. We can’t shake the Firespary – Reroute all power to rear deflectors!”

Episode I – Chapter I
Small town, Big trouble

After successfully picking up their cargo – a small datapad containing classified Imperial intelligence – at the rendezvous point in orbit around Nelvaan, the companions are now heading to Bothawui to deliver the pad to their contact Spymaster Bran Haerid. To minimize the risk of Imperial entanglements, it was decided to travel via the Triellus Trade Route instead of the faster Coreillian Run.

It seemed like an easy job considering the 10.000 credits promised upon delivery, and everything went smooth until the Navi-computer malfunctioned forcing the ship out of hyperspace near Tatooine.

Despite the effort, the fried X-255 circuit board needs replacement. Luckily, the ship’s Captain knows just the person who might be able to help – a local Gossam by the name of Grroka who owns a Junk Shop in Mos Shuuta.

There is only one potential problem. Teemo the Hutt runs Mos Shuuta like it was his private spaceport, so stay out of trouble.

“This is Mos Shuuta Control. You are clear to land at landing bay Aurek. Have a pleasant day”


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