Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode I – Chapter I
Small town, Big trouble

After successfully picking up their cargo – a small datapad containing classified Imperial intelligence – at the rendezvous point in orbit around Nelvaan, the companions are now heading to Bothawui to deliver the pad to their contact Spymaster Bran Haerid. To minimize the risk of Imperial entanglements, it was decided to travel via the Triellus Trade Route instead of the faster Coreillian Run.

It seemed like an easy job considering the 10.000 credits promised upon delivery, and everything went smooth until the Navi-computer malfunctioned forcing the ship out of hyperspace near Tatooine.

Despite the effort, the fried X-255 circuit board needs replacement. Luckily, the ship’s Captain knows just the person who might be able to help – a local Gossam by the name of Grroka who owns a Junk Shop in Mos Shuuta.

There is only one potential problem. Teemo the Hutt runs Mos Shuuta like it was his private spaceport, so stay out of trouble.

“This is Mos Shuuta Control. You are clear to land at landing bay Aurek. Have a pleasant day”

Episode I – Chapter II
From bad to worse

Getting the replacement circuit proved a bit more complicated than anticipated, and the elimination of a few of Teemos employees didn’t exactly smooth things along. Nor did the fact that the infamous Bounty Hunter, Tauru Hark, were in town to settle a bounty with the Hutt, and spotted a familiar Twi’lek well know to the guild – all to easy.

Escaping the bounty hunter only by shear chance – when a well-placed blaster shot this his jetpack and send him flying – the companions managed to bypass Space Port Security and escape Mos Shuuta with the replacement parts.

With Tauru Harks Firespray in close pursuit, the Black Hawk speed into space, only to have the Bounty Hunter open fire in an attempt to claim his bounty. Their faster ship, and advanced ECM-suit, should make it easy to out-run the Firespary, but noone expected the unwelcome visit from two Imperial Stardestroyers on routine patrol coming out of hyperspace close to Tatooine.

Will the companions activate the ECM thus enhancing their chances of escaping Tauru – but alerting the Imperials to their presence – or will they try and outmaneuver the Bounty Hunter with skill (and luck) alone?

“Two Imperial Stardestroyers coming out of hyperspace on our port side! We are safe as long as they don’t notice us. We can’t shake the Firespary – Reroute all power to rear deflectors!”

Episode I – Chapter III
We have been expecting you!

After sending Tauru Harks Firefly – through excellent maneuvering – into a first degree encounter with an asteroid, thus forcing the Bounty Hunter to retreat, our heroes make the jump to hyperspace. To throw any opposition of course, they decide to jump to Christophsis, and make their way from there. Arriving at their destination, they quickly picked up a distress beacon from the Fereallis, requesting immediate assistance. Docking proved an easy task, but little did our companions know that the shrewd pirate Captain Gideon was sending out the false beacon to lure in unsuspecting ships and capture them. Escaping the Fereallis was an easy task, but when Captain Gideon decided to leave no witnesses and open fire, things took a turn for the worse. Heavily damaged and with the hull at a critical state, a lucky shot blew out the Fereallis’s reactor, blowing the ship to pieces. The fight was not without a price, and the navi-computer had suffered a critical hit. Limping to a nearby space station, the bounty for Gideon was cashed in and claimed, and repairs on the ship was commissioned. After 12 days in dry-dock and the Black Hawk and its crew left the space station, narrowly escaping Imperial invetigators. Little do they know that they will soon play a small – but vital part – in the future of the galaxy!

Episode I – Chapter IV
Like ghosts in night

Last time on The tales of the Black Hawk:

As the companions make their way to Bothawui, the Empire continues to search the galaxy for any hidden Rebel bases, and are slowly gaining the upper hand.

Arriving at Bothawui, the companions are unaware of the attention they are drawing towards themselves and the data they are carrying. The attack on their Speeder by unknown assailants quickly reminds them that is no ordinary cargo they are carrying, and that other may be interested in the contents of the datapad.

The chase was on, and heavily outnumbered – but not out-gunned – the companions manage to shake one of the chasers and damaging the other. A bit shaken, but still alive, the companions arrived at their destination, but was soon attacked as the second of the chasing cars entered the plaza.

A short, but brutal, fight later, Spymaster Bran Haerid met our companions a gladly paid the arranged sum. A job well done!

Haerid offered another far more dangerous job with an even higher pay-out, and after accepting the job – to investigate missing freighters near the Rhan Var system, our heroes left Bothawui a good deal richer than when they arrived.

Coming out of hyperspace in the Rhen Var system, the Black Hawk navigated into the asteroid field near the fifth planet. The ingenious plan of sending a false transponder beacon out the airlock to attract the attention any pirates lurking in the vicinity, payed of. Out of nowhere three fighters materialized and assaulted the transponder, but quickly realizing that no ship was in sight, they sized their attack. Before they could turn on their experimental cloaking devices, Ormi showed a textbook example of expert slicing skills and managed to hack the signal of one of the fighters, allowing the Black Hawk to track it.
The Black Hawk is now right behind one of the fighters at close range, caught in the same docking tractor beam as the fighter. In a few minutes the Black Hawk will be in visibile range of the top-secret, and well-defended, Imperial test facility.

Will the try and escape the tractor beam and break away, risking detection, or will they try something completely different?

Do they have the guts to try and infiltrate the base, or is it a job better left for others?

We will have to wait and see…

Episode I – Chapter V
Under Sige

Last time on The tales of the Black Hawk:

Following the Phantoms and trapped in the tractor beam of the Imperial test facility, our heroes shuts down The Black Hawk to assimilate random debris. The gamble paid of and the unsuspecting Imperials where in for a surprise.

Landing smoothly on the asteroid, the companions found a small maintenance access, and slipped quietly inside the base.

Sneaking through the ventilation shafts proved a difficult task, but Ormis slicing skills where up to the task, and after a dodging the maintenance crew (and quite a few other obstacles) the companions found themselves above the base command central. Overhearing two officers discus a upcoming surprise inspection by an Imperial Moff, our heroes quickly decide to try and blow up the base while the Moff is on the base, and deal a critical blow to the Empire.

Bursting through the ceiling before anyone could react, the companions blasted the two officers and three command staff, leaving three survivors who had no valuable info.
Ormi quickly began to slice the entire network, to try and find the missing freighter and to rig the base self-destruct. The freighter was located in an open external hanger a kilometer away from the main base, and the search turned up something of a bonus: The entire research protocol for the TIE Phantom project!

Unfortunately it also set of the alarm system, and soon Imperial Storm Troopers where flooding the Command Central, only to be mowed down by Charles Heavy Baster. Charles took a lethal blow, but thanks to quick thinking on behalf of Shota, he was able to get up and blast he last of the Storm Troopers to pieces.

A small miscalculation in the binary code of Ormis slicing attempt, terminally overloaded the cooling system of the base reactors, leaving only ten minutes to escape before the base would be destroyed. Scrambling out of the Control Room – getting only half the data on the project – the companions took a wrong turn and ended up in the hangar of the lead TIE Phantom.

Before he knew it, the persuasive powers of Shota had Charles in the pilot seat of an experimental Phantom. Shouting: “How the HELL did I get in this mess! IM NOT THE DAMN PILOT!” he scraped the new paintjob on the Phantom, and managed to navigate out of the base. The success was short-lived as the other TIE pilots joint the leaders formation, and only thru quick thinking was he able to keep the rest of the squad in the unknown.
Things took a turn for the worse when Grand Moff Ardus Kaine arrived in the Decimator together with two Imperial Stardestroyers.

Meanwhile the other two companions where struggling back to the Black Hawk. Spotting the GR-75 Freighter they decided to take a chance. Expertly slicing the systems of the Freighter, Ormi opened the landing bay, and docked – raced to the bridge and started the take-off procedure.

In the TIE things where not looking good as the systems initiated the automatic docking sequence for the Decimator, giving Charles a one-way trip to the spice mines of Kessel, unless he could deactivate the system and escape.

On the transport Shotas attempts to aid in the start-up procedure only resulted in her shutting down the engines, and leaving Ormi rather frustrated. In this stressful situation, Ormis technical instincts took over, and showing unprecedented skills he managed to get the sluggish ship of the ground before the protective shield of the hanger could close and hinder their escape.

Charles focused and tried to think like an Imperial. And with the focus of a Jedi, he disabled the autopilot and fond the one fact that could save him – TIE Phantoms are equipped with a Hyperdrive. Some unknown force must have guided him, because he plotted a course by trusting his feelings and engaged the Hyperdrive. Next stop Kashyyyk!

Feeling Charles under pressure Shota focused her mind on him and a single word: “Kashyyyk”. Trusting her instincts, she directed Ormi to plot the course for Kashyyyk.
Before the Imperials could react, both ships where gone without a trace.

…..or so it would seem.

Lingering on the fringes of the system, Charles has just picked up the GR-75s signature coming out of hyperspace.

Kashyyyk is under Imperial dominance, treating the Wookies as slaves and showing no mercy to the ancient race. Legends tell of old temples in the undergrowth of the planets surface where the Wookies keep well guarded secrets – secrets only their old allies, the fabled Jedi, had access to. And for this the Wookies suffer the full force of the Empires wrath!

Will the heroes try and slip away in silence or aid the Wookie resistance on Kashyyyk?

….and someone is begining to take personal interest in the companions. Who? That remains to be seen….

Episode I – Chapter VI
You win some – you loose some

As masters of deception, the companions slipped pass the Imperials who found no reason question their cargo manifest, and allowed the transport – with the Black Hawk attached – to pass the blockade and land on the surface.

The unexpected arrival of the Grand Moff’s flagship, spoiled the plan for a secret landing, as he notified all ships of the transports identity and a direct hit on the back of the transport told the companions that they were in for a fight.

In the attempt to control their crash landing the Black Hawk broke free of the Mag-lock and where lost somewhere in the thick forests of the planet.

The landing didn’t go smooth, but as the ship ground to a halt, the earth gave way under the belly of the transport and the ship started to sink. Luckily the ship had landed exactly on the site of an old temple and and it settled in the great hall of the temple, hiding it form view of the imperials.

It didnt take long before our companions had a surprise visit from Charles’ old Wookie friend, and after a short introduction, the wookies started work on the damaged engine.
Meanwhile Shota had discovered a way into the old temple, and following a figure that only she could see, the group headed into the darkness. A surprise attack by two Nexu, left one of them dead, and the other running for cover in the darkness.

Thru an unknown force, Shota was able to bypass the old Jedi locks only to find herself in a room with a strange blue glow. A ghost of small green Jedi master measured her mettle, and deemed her worthy of the reward a small Ilum crystal!

Coming out of the temple, they found themselves surrounded by Stormtroopers and in the middle of a firefight between the Imperials and the Wookies. Making their way to the transport, they decided to take the fight to the Empire, and launched the stole TIE Phantom. Blasting the ground troops and wrecking an incoming AT-AT, the TIE soon found itself engaged as a Lambda Class Shuttle with two escorts where entering the fray. While the fighters where engaged, the Shuttle made a low pass over the battlefield revealing a heavily armed dark figure in the opening of the from hatch. The figure jumped out of the flying shuttle and took command of the ground troops focusing on Shota – who he called out by name!

It was an Imperial Inquisitor, and whit help from the Wookies, Shota fired up the transport in an attempt to escape. The Inquisitor was armed with a Lightsaber and could breach the hull in no time should he choose to.

Meanwhile Charles and Ormi had defeated the Imperials, and went looking for the Black Hawk.

How did the Empire find them so fast? Was it pure luck or is there something else at work?

Episode I – Chapter VII
A new frontier

Last time on The tales of the Black Hawk:

Leaving the trackable TIE Phantom behind, the companions decided to check what cargo they were carrying and see if the risk would outweigh reward. The discovery they made ensured their choice, as the transport was loaded with Rebel winter equipment for the planet of Hoth!

Our friends where able to outwit and outfly the Empire, and the astrogation skills of Ormi, left the Empire unable to track the transport. Escape was ensured.

Coming out of hyperspace in the Hoth system, the transport was overtaken by a badly – but exceptionally fast YT-1200. They found the same ship on Echo Base being repaired by a Wookie with some impressive engineering skills.

Shota spotted a small item on one of the persons in the hangar – a lightsaber. This was the famous General Skywalker, but before Shota could get a chance to talk to him, he sat out on patrol with Captain Solo. Solo got back but Skywalker did not, and Shota offered to assist Solo in the search, but was unsuccessful in finding General Skywalker. After returning to Echo base she sought guidance in the Force, Shota reached out to Skywalker – thus forcing him awake – and probably saving him from becoming the next meal of a fierce Wampa.

Charles got volunteered to join the search the next day, and Shota stayed in the control room guiding the rescuers by tapping in to the Force. The search paid off and both Solo and Skywalker where rescued.

Skywalker had found an Imperial Probe and the Rebels prohibited all take-offs from the base, leaving the companions stranded on Hoth.

With the Empire’s attack on Echo Base eminent, The Black Hawk where assigned to escort duty on the second transport and Charles was volunteered for X-Wing duty and assigned to the first escort. Charles’s pilot skills proved more than adequate as he saved his friends from an incoming TIE fighter attack, and saving transport 3 in the process.

While Charles headed for the rebel rendezvous point, Ormi and Shota headed to Bothawui. Upon arrival near Bothawui the Black Hawk was held up by two Z-1 Headhunters and a Firespray. Their demand to Ormi was simple – Time to pay interest on you loan! Reluctantly parting with the credits, Ormi and Shota continued to the planet surface. They joined up with Charles who had taken the task of delivering a rebel official to Bothawui and leaving the borrowed ship there.

Settling their business with Spymaster Bran Haerid our companions now make ready for a new journey – a hunt for the legendary Sith treasures and unimaginable wealth.
But a question is left unanswered, what will they find at the end of their destination this time, a mere ruin or something more?

Episode I Chapter VIII
A Jedi is Born

Last time on Tales of the Black Hawk:

Finishing purchases on Bothawai me and my “trusted” friends set course for sith space in hopes of finding relics of the sith.

on the way there to pass the time, we decided to play Pazaak, a card game (much like poker, and yet so far from it).. we started small but eventually built up to the big stakes, and I went all in betting my Ilum crystal, which i was supposed to use to construct my lightsaber, thinking I had this game.. especially since Ormi chickened out, and Charles was also all in, sadly I lost the bet, but Charles decided to let me keep the Ilum crystal, I can only guess at his motives for doing so but I find myself grateful that I did not have to part with it.
Was it really chance? or one of the force’s ways of telling us something?

Arriving we find our selves in the outskirts of the system, preliminary scans came up negative she we decided to procede to the first planet in the system, and scanned it for structures that would suggest a ruin, after a while we found some.

landing on the surface near the structure it seemed to be pyramid like shaped structure, with an emmense pressence of the force… shortly after landing we were attacked by a couple of Tie fighters but Charles made quick work of them, i’m beginning to see him in a new light… a very capable soldier, and a loyal friend.

the Tie fighters blew a hole in the side of the structure next to the door, but I ignored that and examined the door, after realising i’d need a lightsaber I returned to the ship and meditated, after a while i successfully constructed my lightsaber, and then rushed to the door and opened it, on the other side, my two companions were shooting crazily into the darkness of the complex, I sensed a presence and moved to stand between my two companions and together we banished the presence deeper into the compound, proceding deeper inside we ran across some very unpleasent creatures both charles and Ormi fought fervently and together again we prevailed. then a couple of Ormi’s old debt collector friends showed up, bent on sealing us inside the compound, and snatching Ormi’s ship while they were at it…
and so we are rushing up the corridor towards the entrance and the explosives in the hopes that we’ll reach them in time to disable them, and stop Ormi’s enemies from stealing his ship, and killing us while they’re at it.

there is no emotion there is peace
thre is no ignorance there is knowledge
there is no passion there is serenity
there is no chaos there is harmony
there is no death there is the force

- Shota Akami

Episode 1 Chapter IX
An enemy revealed

Last time on Tales of the Black Hawk:

Fending off the debt collectors nearly cost us our lives. Little did we know what fate had in store for us, as the surviving debt collectors fled, their ship was shot down, by a larger vessel and two other smaller ones, entering the system at the same time.. when we didn’t recognize the make we headed back inside, there we found this ancient sith facility to be some kind of droid manifacturing plant, and we’d only just gotten to work on adding power to the facility when a bootup sequence was initiated from the plant that the ships had landed near..

going down to the control panel we learned that the bootup sequence was an Imperial code, and not just any code, one that required Grand Moff status or higher to initiate, that had us slightly worried, so we went to the warehouse to confirm our worries.

and confirmed they were… we opened a crate and found a complete guard droid with a double “bladed” electro staff, as we were standing there, the lid of the crate started booting up, prompting our departure from the warehouse but not before noticing all the tens of thousands of crates also booting.

with dread in our minds we climbed back up the emergency shaft that we’d used to go down, when we got back up, Charles was spotted as he peaked outside by two Imperial guards, dressed in their traditional red outfits and their droid guards.

Battle insued and it was bloody, as one of the droids was pummeled by Charles, he himself got taken down only moments later, and then Ormi was taken down… in a moment of weakness I called upon the dark side present in the temple to rid us of our enemies.. they were crushed together and squeezed into the emergency shaft, and their death cries could be heard as they plummeted to their deaths, not one of my finer moments I must confess.. once the imidiate danger had passed, i turned to my two fallen friends, and jammed a stimpack into them, healing some of their bruises, Ormi regained conciousness and helped me carry Charles

but it didn’t end there.. after carrying charles and his gun a little while, we were intercepted by a Lord of the Sith!… demanding my surrender in return for my friends well being.. without thinking I stepped in between him, Ormi and Charles, barking at Ormi to get Charles back to the ship, I turned to face the Sith, drawing my lightsaber… the next few seconds felt like an eternity, and then the silence was broken, I heard my “master’s” voice despite never having met him his voice filled me with calm, and I concentrated my will on the force and projected it towards the Sith, who was unable to block the attack and got blown bacwards far enough for us to escape..

Upon leaving the planet we imidiately plotted a course to a nearby none imperial planet, with medical facilities.. Upon arrival we were hailed by a customs ship, who wanted to board to check for Illigal merchandise, of which I assured the customs officer that we had nothing of… we allowed them to board rather than be blown out of the sky…

The customs officer turned out to be a very well mannered human who treated us with the utmost respect after a little talk.. both Ormi and Charles were taken to intensive care were they were patched up.. and as I had told the customs officer they didn’t find anything Illigal on the ship, and were went our seperate ways..

Episode 1 Chapter X + XI
A time of greetings and farewells

Last time on Tales of the Black Hawk:

landing on the planets surface we were greeted by space port security, and after a brief chat, we went up the market district, and Charles very nearly got recognised.. but thanks to the force we managed to avoid that.

We walked for a bit, but then a guy bumped into charles and said “hello charles” and then moved on, we instinctively and in perfect synchronization turned around and followed him, in a small alley he introduced himself as part of the Tiranian Resistance, and offered us a job and a job we needed, we accepted after working out a few details, and we managed to get money for a cybernetic arm for charles.

Ormi knew a guy, and there we purchased the cybernetic arm we needed, and Ormi did a little work for him tuning a swoop bike, as we left the shop we were confronted by a droid claiming to be a protocol droid, I had my suspicions though.. he directed us to a doctor who could graft the arm on Charles.

and a few hours later, and a thousand creds poorer we left the doctor’s and went back to the market district. When we got there, the droid and us parted ways and it was lost in the crowd. To head over to the speeder parking lot.. little did we know that a “meatbag” had recognised Charles and were stalking him, and just as he pulled out his blaster to shoot Charles, he himself was shot with a stun shot, from the “protocol” droid… that turned out to be a bounty hunter droid.. and a good one at that.. we helped it transport the criminal, to the right authorities. I talked abit with the droid and it decided to follow us back to our ship, and there it informed us that it’d been stalking us since we first arrived at the market district, Ormi worked his magic hacking into the information about the ambassador, I immidiately recognised him as the dark force user whome I had the “pleasure” of meeting on Rhen Var. upon learning more of his visit, we deduced (combined with the fact that he had just awoken a massive droid army) that he was planning an invasion. As we couldn’t let that stand we spread the news to the holo net.

All the while Charles went to have a closer look at the palace. But Charles was adressed by the Tiranian Resistance man that had given us the mission and handed the rest of the reward money for a job well done. I’ll never forget the look on Charles face when he got back… priceless we then proceded to warm up the engines while the dock authorities where occupied with the masses trying to flee the eminnent invasion, we bribed the S.P.A. (Space Port Authorities), so we could leave right away, and we did, just in time to see 3 super star destroyers exit hyper space.

Hopefully we thwarted the invasion before it could begin, but if the government decided to ignore the warning the planet has fallen..


we dropped the droid off on a planet on our way to Bothawui.

More on Tales of the Black Hawk:
Arriving in the Bothawui system we detected the transponder signal of an old acquantance Taura Hark was hot on our trail again, we went dark and watched him dock on Bothawui, we docked after him, and proceded to our meeting with our contact.

After the usual formalities he proceded to introduce a mission for us, after agreeing to it he introduced his sister, whome was standing behind him. He then also told us that an old friend was on here to meet us, but we already knew about Mr. Hark.

So we went and bought a decoy boye, to release into the astroid field if Hark decided to persue us again, but when we got back to our docking bay the bay door was open, and that could mean only one thing, Hark was waiting for us..

Charles and I confronted him while Ormi and Bran’s sister came in after, Bran’s sister proved an adept sneaker, and managed to get into flanking position without Hark noticing, but after a few exchanges of pleasentries Hark opened up on Charles, and took him down with a single shot, upon seeing Charles go down, Bran’s sister charged him from the side catching him off guard, but stumbled for a second and missed, then I charged Hark and sliced through his armor and his weapon severely wounding him, he then propelled himself into the air, with his jet pack, turning around shooting me in the shoulder with his blaster pistol that was out of ammo after a single shot, so Hark fled.. after the shoot out we were confronted by S.P.S. Who demanded that we turn our selves in for discharging laser weapons in the space port which was clearly against the law. But I managed to smooth things over insisting that we were wrongfully attacked by a crazed psycho stalker bounty hunter, and that he was the only one who fired his weapon. We were allowed to depart.

After a few days in space and half a dozen stim packs we were feeling a little better. But we all knew too well that we hadn’t seen the last of that Mandalorian Bounty hunter, Tauru Hark.


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