Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Chapter 1 Episode XIII


Last time on Tales of the Black Hawk:

gathering our selves after the somewhat crude landing.. we tried thinking of a way back to the surface, while i might or might not have been drooling slightly over our cargo.

after a while a person came to us.. saying that he would help us if the price was right.. there was something off about this guy.. first off, he knew about the lightsaber and he still chose to help us, needless to say I didn’t trust him one bit..

we followed him to a cantina if you can call the rat hole we crawled into a cantina, but as it turned out it was safe from prying eyes… he walked to a table and asked the guys sitting to move and they did without hesitation, giving me slight chills… we sat and started talking, he used a mind trick on me to make me reveal my own name. I was flustered that I’d fallen for it, and angry that he managed to pull it off.. but he then revealed himself as a Jedi War hero from the clone wars that had disappeared.. I ignored my gut feeling and trusted him which was a mistake… but one I would come to realise too late..

We exchanged pleasentries and he fixed my lightsaber, and told us about the favor he’d need in payment for his help, some force sensitive kids was being snatched up and moved to a different place we were tasked with liberating the kids and put a stop to the operation..
I accepted straight off the bat, but Haerid was hesitant, I persuaded her though, and we set out to do some recon.

at the base we surveyed the area before deciding to send Haerid in, to infiltrate and gain access to their network so Ormi could hack it.. James however had gotten a bright idea, a rare but welcome occurance.. he managed to land a job as a guard in the outer compound which gave Haerid the opening she needed to fast talk her way through.

A transport passed us, and as i sensed the passengers, 2 male grunts, a woman, and a child, the child seemed calm while hugging the woman, curious but not afraid… again I ignored my gut feeling as a Message came from the compound that the kids would be moved in an hour, I went back to inform Kern about the situation, but when I saw him he was leaving the rat hole, with a bunch of armed people, it gave me the creeps, and I made myself scarce, and managed to eavesdrop on him, which reasured me of what was happening, they went to support us, something still wasn’t right, but I couldn’t pinpoint it, so I continued to ignore my gut feeling.. I mean he was a Jedi War Hero… there’s no way he’d ever turn to the dark side, it simply couldn’t happen, I guess I told my self that repeatedly, because as I was done filling in my team about the plan, I opened the door slightly to inform Kern that we were in position. he seemed suprised but I guess that was just a bluff..

it took a while for Haerid to get into the system. but as he did Ormi began his work, shutting down all defense systems and activating blast doors throughout the house…

in the same second i stepped out next to Kern, and we charged together with his men, while Charles provided covering fire from his position..

Blaster shots hailed down from everywhere, it was chaos.. and I could hear a woman’s voice calling “Protect the children” from the entrance, at that moment I told Haerid to get to the children and secure them.. she went, and a fight insued in the court yard outside the entrance.. but as it looked like we were winning a Jedi dual wielding lightsabers stepped through the door, and jumped on me, at that moment I realised what i’d done, i lowered my own lightsaber and opened my mind to her, she pinned me to the ground with a lightsaber on each side of my head, after seeing what she needed, she got up and handed me her hand, and as i got up she simply said “protect the children” and I nodded in response.

but then I spotted Kern, I quickly gave orders to the rest of the team to switch sides, Ormi to activate the security systems, charles to shoot the invaders, Haerid to protect the children from intruders..

as I stood there, a hatred started swelling inside of me, and I took that power and harnessed it..then I glanced at the female Jedi and issued a challenge to Kern.. yelling at him that he’d betrayed everything he used to stand for.. he simply replied that if I’d seen what he’d seen I’d do the same thing.. then my companion launched a a wave of force energy towards him, and paralyzed him, I took the oppertunity and directed a force wave of my own, I took his lightsaber walked over to him and cut him down where he stood, the look of puzzlement in his eyes as his life ebbed away was like a sweet wine, entoxicating..

after that the remaining insurgents started surrendering one after the other, and when it was all over, the transport with the kids, and Leiah took off..

I don’t believe in chance, the force guided us to this meeting, it had been guiding us all along.. I turned to face the woman but she just looked at me and said “sometimes we gotta do, what we gotta do”… and walked inside the compound, while giving a Nod to the guard captain.. he said that we could use one of the cloud cars in the garage to continue our journey.. I nodded and rallied the group, Haerid seemed interested in the lightsaber, so I gave her Kern’s lightsaber after switching up the crystals..

with the ripples this left in the force it goes without saying that we attracted some very unwanted attention here… we’ll have to move fast to avoid any further unpleasentries..

I’m scared of myself, of what I might become if I don’t learn to control my emotions soon..



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