Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode 1 Chapter IX

An enemy revealed

Last time on Tales of the Black Hawk:

Fending off the debt collectors nearly cost us our lives. Little did we know what fate had in store for us, as the surviving debt collectors fled, their ship was shot down, by a larger vessel and two other smaller ones, entering the system at the same time.. when we didn’t recognize the make we headed back inside, there we found this ancient sith facility to be some kind of droid manifacturing plant, and we’d only just gotten to work on adding power to the facility when a bootup sequence was initiated from the plant that the ships had landed near..

going down to the control panel we learned that the bootup sequence was an Imperial code, and not just any code, one that required Grand Moff status or higher to initiate, that had us slightly worried, so we went to the warehouse to confirm our worries.

and confirmed they were… we opened a crate and found a complete guard droid with a double “bladed” electro staff, as we were standing there, the lid of the crate started booting up, prompting our departure from the warehouse but not before noticing all the tens of thousands of crates also booting.

with dread in our minds we climbed back up the emergency shaft that we’d used to go down, when we got back up, Charles was spotted as he peaked outside by two Imperial guards, dressed in their traditional red outfits and their droid guards.

Battle insued and it was bloody, as one of the droids was pummeled by Charles, he himself got taken down only moments later, and then Ormi was taken down… in a moment of weakness I called upon the dark side present in the temple to rid us of our enemies.. they were crushed together and squeezed into the emergency shaft, and their death cries could be heard as they plummeted to their deaths, not one of my finer moments I must confess.. once the imidiate danger had passed, i turned to my two fallen friends, and jammed a stimpack into them, healing some of their bruises, Ormi regained conciousness and helped me carry Charles

but it didn’t end there.. after carrying charles and his gun a little while, we were intercepted by a Lord of the Sith!… demanding my surrender in return for my friends well being.. without thinking I stepped in between him, Ormi and Charles, barking at Ormi to get Charles back to the ship, I turned to face the Sith, drawing my lightsaber… the next few seconds felt like an eternity, and then the silence was broken, I heard my “master’s” voice despite never having met him his voice filled me with calm, and I concentrated my will on the force and projected it towards the Sith, who was unable to block the attack and got blown bacwards far enough for us to escape..

Upon leaving the planet we imidiately plotted a course to a nearby none imperial planet, with medical facilities.. Upon arrival we were hailed by a customs ship, who wanted to board to check for Illigal merchandise, of which I assured the customs officer that we had nothing of… we allowed them to board rather than be blown out of the sky…

The customs officer turned out to be a very well mannered human who treated us with the utmost respect after a little talk.. both Ormi and Charles were taken to intensive care were they were patched up.. and as I had told the customs officer they didn’t find anything Illigal on the ship, and were went our seperate ways..



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