Star Wars - Tales of the Black Hawk

Episode 1 Chapter X + XI

A time of greetings and farewells

Last time on Tales of the Black Hawk:

landing on the planets surface we were greeted by space port security, and after a brief chat, we went up the market district, and Charles very nearly got recognised.. but thanks to the force we managed to avoid that.

We walked for a bit, but then a guy bumped into charles and said “hello charles” and then moved on, we instinctively and in perfect synchronization turned around and followed him, in a small alley he introduced himself as part of the Tiranian Resistance, and offered us a job and a job we needed, we accepted after working out a few details, and we managed to get money for a cybernetic arm for charles.

Ormi knew a guy, and there we purchased the cybernetic arm we needed, and Ormi did a little work for him tuning a swoop bike, as we left the shop we were confronted by a droid claiming to be a protocol droid, I had my suspicions though.. he directed us to a doctor who could graft the arm on Charles.

and a few hours later, and a thousand creds poorer we left the doctor’s and went back to the market district. When we got there, the droid and us parted ways and it was lost in the crowd. To head over to the speeder parking lot.. little did we know that a “meatbag” had recognised Charles and were stalking him, and just as he pulled out his blaster to shoot Charles, he himself was shot with a stun shot, from the “protocol” droid… that turned out to be a bounty hunter droid.. and a good one at that.. we helped it transport the criminal, to the right authorities. I talked abit with the droid and it decided to follow us back to our ship, and there it informed us that it’d been stalking us since we first arrived at the market district, Ormi worked his magic hacking into the information about the ambassador, I immidiately recognised him as the dark force user whome I had the “pleasure” of meeting on Rhen Var. upon learning more of his visit, we deduced (combined with the fact that he had just awoken a massive droid army) that he was planning an invasion. As we couldn’t let that stand we spread the news to the holo net.

All the while Charles went to have a closer look at the palace. But Charles was adressed by the Tiranian Resistance man that had given us the mission and handed the rest of the reward money for a job well done. I’ll never forget the look on Charles face when he got back… priceless we then proceded to warm up the engines while the dock authorities where occupied with the masses trying to flee the eminnent invasion, we bribed the S.P.A. (Space Port Authorities), so we could leave right away, and we did, just in time to see 3 super star destroyers exit hyper space.

Hopefully we thwarted the invasion before it could begin, but if the government decided to ignore the warning the planet has fallen..


we dropped the droid off on a planet on our way to Bothawui.

More on Tales of the Black Hawk:
Arriving in the Bothawui system we detected the transponder signal of an old acquantance Taura Hark was hot on our trail again, we went dark and watched him dock on Bothawui, we docked after him, and proceded to our meeting with our contact.

After the usual formalities he proceded to introduce a mission for us, after agreeing to it he introduced his sister, whome was standing behind him. He then also told us that an old friend was on here to meet us, but we already knew about Mr. Hark.

So we went and bought a decoy boye, to release into the astroid field if Hark decided to persue us again, but when we got back to our docking bay the bay door was open, and that could mean only one thing, Hark was waiting for us..

Charles and I confronted him while Ormi and Bran’s sister came in after, Bran’s sister proved an adept sneaker, and managed to get into flanking position without Hark noticing, but after a few exchanges of pleasentries Hark opened up on Charles, and took him down with a single shot, upon seeing Charles go down, Bran’s sister charged him from the side catching him off guard, but stumbled for a second and missed, then I charged Hark and sliced through his armor and his weapon severely wounding him, he then propelled himself into the air, with his jet pack, turning around shooting me in the shoulder with his blaster pistol that was out of ammo after a single shot, so Hark fled.. after the shoot out we were confronted by S.P.S. Who demanded that we turn our selves in for discharging laser weapons in the space port which was clearly against the law. But I managed to smooth things over insisting that we were wrongfully attacked by a crazed psycho stalker bounty hunter, and that he was the only one who fired his weapon. We were allowed to depart.

After a few days in space and half a dozen stim packs we were feeling a little better. But we all knew too well that we hadn’t seen the last of that Mandalorian Bounty hunter, Tauru Hark.



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